Understanding the Mspy features

Among various mobile and computer spying software tools that are currently available in the market, Mspy appears to offer a great deal of features for an affordable price as well. Before we get to the features, it’s also worth noting about their cross platform compatibility. Doesn’t matter if you are working on PC, an apple notebook or an android cellphone – Mspy embraces them all! Now look out carefully at the list of features that they’ve taken care of.

  1. Call management. This is really a great feature that I like most about Mspy. Not only it allows recording each and every incoming and outgoing call, but also allows restricting certain calls according to a certain pattern. Don’t want your husband to call girls in the nighttime? Simply check the setting and it’s done!
  2. Email monitoring. The emails are one of the most common ways of communication that is commonly shared among billions of people. While it may not be the best channel to flirt or send any love letters of some kind, which could help your boyfriend to get busted, it actually gives as a good clue of any interactions that are headed towards business organization or having to do with website registrations and online shopping.
  3. Text messages monitoring. This is one of the most useful features of any mobile tracking application. The difference with Mspy is that it does not simply save the messages, but also provides a sophisticated level of logs and a handy interface. When I launch the app, it reminds me of using my old cellphone – simple and clean.
  4. GPS Location monitor. Another good way to get someone busted. While the genuine intent of text messages could always be denied, simply by saying: “hey, but we were just flirting!” – No boyfriend could deny once presented with the evidence of visiting the house of his secret affair.
  5. Web browser spy. This feature simply shows the logs of all the visited sites of our victim. Almost every person visits one or another strange kind of websites, and so could easily get busted. If you are monitoring your employee then you know when to reduce their pay!
  6. Multimedia control. This would allow you to retrieve logs of any audio or video files played, as well to make hidden copies of any shared or downloaded pictures.

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