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Our company offers the best training courses in Business Process Modeling for BPMN and UML, together with Project Management and Business Intelligence training.

We are a specialized internet service in the IT industry that is a knowledge center for business software. The goal of our services is to offer comprehensive support to all managers that have chosen to integrate the management support systems in their work.

Knowledge center – This is a comprehensive network of information about classes of systems (g ERP , BI , CRM, PLM , BPM ) and other branches . This center includes articles, industry reports, the latest news, case studies and solutions,and invitations to industry events.

Advanced support – We offer assistance in selecting the best information system. This services gives you the opportunity to compare the IT systems using analytical tools. We provide a complete set of tools and services to support independent choice of IT systems. It allows the acquisition of TEC Report and Form quotation.

Products and software vendors – A truthful of the software and presentations manufacturers, implementation and system integrators, as well as consulting and training.

Training – We organized closed form training for particular themes.

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