Mobistealth – more than a simple monitoring app


Today Mobistealth appears to be one of the most often purchased bundles of the monitoring software, which is also compatible with a large number of different platforms. What is does is that it allows to monitor (if applied to your own device) or spy (if secretly installed on another users’…

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Mspy: reviews and opinions from Android users


We have surveyed a number of android users who have tried out the Mspy application and voiced their opinions. The most common replica that we’ve heard is that is simple worked great, expressing the regards towards its developers. Other category, summed at 18% said that they liked the program as…

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Mspy review: a bunch of things you could do in an instant


What I love most about Mspy is that it makes the monitoring completely undetectable without user being a notorious geek. The mechanism of this app, allows is to be disguised or even completely hidden from the list when installing it on a rooted smartphone. Now, even if the victim suspected…

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Understanding the Mspy features


Among various mobile and computer spying software tools that are currently available in the market, Mspy appears to offer a great deal of features for an affordable price as well. Before we get to the features, it’s also worth noting about their cross platform compatibility. Doesn’t matter if you are…

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